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Ieskok – Dating App for Singles

„Ieškok.lt smart application opens up opportunities to search for love, socialise, to spin roulette and find the close soul for a cup of coffee or maybe common life. The mobile application intended for the iOS or Android operational system is a chance to start quick and comfortable acquaintance, to search for like-minded persons, have discussions in forums and make a lonely heart beat faster. Comfortable and applied design of the application will not let you get lost among a large variety of faces since you will be able to choose from as many as 132 000 applications by using the search criteria. After all, we are in a search within the whole life: for ourselves, for the meaning of life or a close person nearby… Do not miss your chance to make your search easier!


One of the largest construction services company “Conresta”, “Appvil” team of mobile applications developedavoting the program, which can calculated preliminary coust of new project according to the data entered by the company.


Developed system an Android client for “nSoft” “nPoint III” with wide use possibilities, such as restaurants, sports clubs, water parks, spa, solarium, etc.


Appvil created a smart application for Android platform and website for “Fresh post”. People, who like to have a delicious meals or have a delicious drink of green cocktails will have the opportunity to book them, and upon arriving at the café pick up your already made order. People who want to save their time can choose an additional delivery feature installed. Comfortable and extremely fast ordering - for hurrying users of this time! Using the website, the opportunity to not only order the salad or green cocktails you want, but also to read the latest blog news!

„Eurovision 2016“ and „Eurovision 2017“

The Appvil team of mobile applications developed a voting application for the national Eurovision contest Eurovizija 2016 (Eurovision 2016). This mobile application will enable you to review the archive of last shows and performances and to vote during live show by a single press of the button. The Eurovizija 2016 application is intended for the fans willing to quickly and comfortably watch performances and vote by their smartphones


Appvil, a designer of mobile applications, developed the KETbilietai.lt application which is a set of questions and tests for the road traffic regulations.

Driving Theory Test

Appvil — design of mobile applications — presented the Driving Theory Test adapted to foreign users, which will be a perfect guide to everyone who wants to learn or to expand their knowledge of the driving theory. This mobile application offers the users to do tests and view their statistics free of charge and, most importantly, the application will automatically save the questions you have not answered correctly and will repeat answers to them until you know them. Isn’t it great to have in your cellphone your personal driving guru which will help you to get the highest mark of the driving test? You can find this mobile application in App Store and Google Play program shops!


The Appvil team of mobile application design developed software for LNK’s new project Moterys prieš vyrus (Women vs men). Specification: questions, statistics and similar data on various types of screens.

Software system for the project Geriausi mūsų vakarai (Our best nights) by LNK TV channel

The Appvil mobile application development team created software for LNK’s new project Geriausi mūsų vakarai. Specification: questions, videos, tasks, screensavers and similar information items on various screens


Development and implementation of mobile applications: Appvil designed an application for the iOS platform – Mano ūkis (My farm). The main function of the application is the opportunity to buy a magazine issued by them or read it on a smart phone or tablet. There is nothing more comfortable than a long trip or free time spent reading your favourite magazine which is always with you in your cellphone!

Software for LRT project „GUES THE SONG“

In cooperation with LRT television, we created software system for their project Atspėk dainą (Guess the song), which allows the participants to write down the answers by hand, see versions thereof and select right or wrong guesses once they have heard the piece of music performed.

Coffee Inn v1.0

Appvil created a smart application for iOS platform. By this application all Coffee inn cardholders will be able to pay by cellphone and will collect 10 % from every coffee cup. Also, these mobile application cardholders will always be the first to receive extra discounts and news because they will receive them straight to the cellphone. This mobile application is already available in APPLE STORE shop!

Where is police

This smart application will be helpful if you are often in a rush to work and are afraid of possible traffic jams on the way, also if you do not like to communicate with police officers but a police car round the corner makes your heart beat stronger even though you have not broken any road traffic rules. The smart application intended for Android or iOS platforms will help you to always be ready. It will help you to watch links by other people to the coordinates of police raids, unmarked police cars or traffic jams and to indicate them yourself

„Košė Malošė“

„Košė maliošė is a mobile application intended for little listeners who cannot fall asleep without a nice fairy-tale or lullaby and for all those who want to remember their childhood, to go on a trip with the travelling fog, look for the shoe of Cinderella or help the grandpa to root out the turnip. The application offers you the most popular stories of Lithuanian and Russian folktales. In addition, you can listen to the finest lullabies and songs which can make even the strongest children to go sleep. This mobile application will help your child to know the wonderful kingdom of fairy-tales and to keep up with fashion, as you will always have it in your smartphone!


Augmented reality application Bite uses Unity technologies to bring mythological places to your Android device. It's a game designed to engage people of all ages. Simply point your smart phone camera towards a marker and look for interactive 3D models.

Resistance Museum

This virtual public museum is from the depths of the public aid to local public administrations, which formally carry out autonomous and state-assigned self-government functions, and which, due to the constant lack of funds for essential needs, cannot take care of gathering and preserving the history of local people's resistance and freedom struggles for future generations. Visit: www.rezistencimuziejus.lt

Study in Lithuania

The gadget is designed for those who are thinking of studying or already studying in Lithuania. It contains relevant information: places to visit, what documents are needed to study in Lithuania and other useful information.

Panevėžio rajono biblioteka: interaktyvi kelionė

An interactive map of Panevėžys district attractions was created during the project, and QR codes were created and displayed on the map of Panevėžys region, where people were born, lived, created and left behind in the history of Lithuania. An interactive map and all the information is available on the website of Panevėžys District Municipality Public Library: http://www.panrbiblioteka.lt/interaktyvi-kelione/. The project was presented in Panevėžys District Public Library, District Village Libraries, EXPO Aukštaitija 2018. The project involved an educational game that attracted a lot of participants. The participants of the game traveled along the paths of the creators of Panevėžys region, photographed objects on the map, sent photos to the library. During the final event of the project, the most active participants will be awarded the prizes of the game.